Joule Power Hour – Zoom Session – October 1

Join us on Thursday, October 1st at 7pm for a live, zoom call to discuss the common pitfalls we've seen among folks planning for and participating in retirement. This interactive class is free and for educational purposes only. We will be discussing the common...

What Drives the Price of Gold? – Mark Hendrix

In this article I’ll be addressing two important questions about gold; the sources of demand for gold and why gold should have a place in your portfolio. For decades Warren Buffett, has been an outspoken opponent of owning gold. Gold said Buffett, “gets dug out of the...

Is the Rally in Gold for Real? – Mark Hendrix

Gold is trading at $2,043 as of this writing and has closed higher 15 out of the last 16 trading sessions. Prior to last Friday’s sell off, gold set a new all-time high the previous nine consecutive trading sessions. That’s what you call HOT! What is behind the...

A Tale of Two Markets

May 13th, 2020 - It’s been a nice respite, as the market has worked off the March crash and rebounded back to respectable levels. It’s another good lesson in extremes and also making sure we always remain open minded to the counter argument. I’ll spare you the...

Understanding Price vs. Value Many people don’t understand the difference between the price of a market and whether or not it is a value. Today we take a look at the difference with a common metric to understand a bit more about where the market is...

What We Do

Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive Planning Starting with an End in Mind What is the rate of return you need to achieve so that you will not run out of money? It’s a simple question. It may be the most important question. But most can’t answer it. It is only after you determine the...

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Investment Management

Investment Management

Classic Investment for Today’s Money The market can be irrational and volatile. Long-term investment strategies rely on analysis and corporate valuation, but they often cannot take two fundamental factors into account: fear and greed. We are not afraid of the word...

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Our Thoughts

What We’re Really Losing

What We’re Really Losing

It wasn’t so much valuations that concerned us; but, rather, the incredible amount of debt finding its way on company balance sheets, not to mention the federal government. Combined with rampant speculation, the pending decline was a forgone conclusion and, of...

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2019 – Year End Review

2019 – Year End Review

December 17th, 2019 - 4pm - I trust this letter finds you well, and that you are enjoying another fantastic holiday season. Despite the general mood of the population, with regards to how 'crazy and concerning' things are in our society today, I'm often reminded of...

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