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Upcoming Live, Zoom Webinars


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A Market of Stocks

A Market of Stocks

Just yesterday I drove from Charlotte, NC to Lexington. It was a quick, unexpected trip to Charlotte and while my career in finance isn’t considered ‘essential,’ when I’m needed by a client, I go. When I arose yesterday morning before hitting the road, I wanted to get...

5 Retirement Pitfalls

Over the last twenty years, I’ve witnessed many mistakes. Heck, I’ve made many mistakes myself. However,through the years I’ve noticed that a few of the most critical seem to be what derail most financial plans. At the time of writing this, we’ve just come through one...

All about Psychology – Logan Gilland

All about Psychology – Logan Gilland

12/20/2020 In five weeks at Joule Financial, one major theme has developed: psychology dominates this industry. Here are a few things I have learned about this so far: -In one of my upper level finance classes at the University of Kentucky, my professor started our...