On this week’s episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel discuss the recent yield curve inversion and what that means to the market.

Inverted What?!?

The headlines and watercooler talk this week is all about the recent inverted yield curve across the 2-year and 10-year Treasuries.  However, all the fantastic headlines tend to leave out why this matters to investors and what it really means. Quint and Daniel spend some time explaining the yield curve and why there is so much focus on inversion here.

Main Street Interest Rates

It’s all fine and good to know what’s going on in Treasury yields but how is this trickling down into real-life economics of consumers who are affected by interest rates daily. What might be surprising to some is the vast divergence in the effect of the recent Treasury rate retreat on actual consumer rates. While mortgages are down some, many other rates have held steady or even rose!

Recession on the Horizon?

So if the yield curve is a recession indicator, does that mean we’re on a direct road to this adverse economic event? Quint reviews what else is going on in the economy here to question whether we really need to be concerned at this point.

Your Required Rate of Return, It’s the Foundation!

The one thing that is certain is markets will move both up and down. Sometimes they’ll move calmly and other times more violently. Through these ups and downs, it’s critical for investors to know precisely what they need from the market to achieve their goals. Understanding their required rate of return gives investors a metric by which to judge whether volatility is having a real-world impact on their current goals or is simply static to ignore.