In this episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel discuss the year as it closes out and what investors might look ahead to in the new year.

Investor Psychology

While the US stock indices are on track for a better than 30% finish to the year many investors seem to be filled with a sense of skepticism and an eye towards a coming decline. One of the benefits of this attitude still being present in a good amount of retail investors is that the latest move higher has yet to be fueled by general euphoria which often marks market tops.

Required Rate of Return

As investors look forward to the new year it’s an appropriate time to consider and revisit your required rate of return. This number, which is the return you require to meet the goals for your investments, is a critical part of your financial planning and investment allocation process. If you are entering the new year without knowing this number and how it applies to your portfolio it may be time to review your financial plan.

SECURE Act and IRA Changes

Congress recently passed new legislation with significant changes to various tax rules affecting retirement savings. One of the most notable of these changes is the increase of the age for required minimum distributions as well as changes to distribution rules for inherited IRAs.