On this week’s episode of Tape Talk we check in with Lexington area’s “Queen of Real Estate” Kelly Karls! We’ll discuss some of the recent headlines impacting the housing market and whether investors should believe them.


Before we get into this week’s topic we take a look at some of the headlines making waves

First, social stocks through a tantrum but Apple rallies to new highs. What does this recent action mean for the markets? Should index investors be concerned about the large influence these technology stocks have on their portfolio?

Then, it’s all about the Fed, or the FOMC to be more specific. The Fed was out this week with its latest rate decision and left rates unchanged, as expected. However, fed funds futures point to a high likelihood of two more rate increases this year while many on the street expect only one. We’ll take a look at why this is and more.

Real Estate Update

You don’t have to have sold or bought a house recently to know that the real estate market seems to have been firing on all cylinders. It seems like over recent months many of the key headlines in the financial news have been the rocketing prices of homes, especially in the nation’s hottestĀ markets.

However, the mood of headlines seems to have suddenly shifted in the past month. There’s talk of a “crash” in southern California’s housing market. There’s also an indication that some buyers are finding home ownership to beĀ not all they imagined it would be.

We’ll dive into the headlines with local agent, and Lexington’s Queen of Real Estate, Kelly Karls.

In addition to discussing the headlines, Kelly also talks about some of the key things buyers and sellers need to be thinking about in today’s market!