As the stock market begins to show some subtle signs of weakness in the short-term, Quint and Daniel discuss what matters here and what news they’re looking at to assess where things go from here.

Liquidity Event?

The tightening in overnight lending from a couple of weeks ago has continued to persist. It seems that a rare “glitch” in the system has shifted to an ongoing trend. Quint and Daniel discuss what they’re watching in this often-overlooked market to be on alert for something that might evolve into something more serious.

The Race to $0 Commissions

Over the past week, online brokers have all acquiesced to the pressure from low-cost (or $0 cost) startups and subsequently all lower their commissions to $0. Schwab made the first move and was quickly followed by TD Ameritrade and E*Trade. While this means that customers and clients of these firms will benefit on the commission front, it does pose the question of where these companies will attempt to make up this lost revenue.

Hunting for Value?

Quint and Daniel discuss the difference between value hunting and bottom fishing. With segments and sectors of the market at or near highs, there is a strong desire by some to find something that is a “value.” However, while this can be a valid investment strategy it can also come back to bite and investors who haven’t done their homework.