With the calendar changing over to a new year just under two weeks ago, the stock market has been the investor’s friend. Quint and Daniel start off the year in this week’s episode by examining where we’ve come from, where the market has been lately, and what the might mean for investors this year.

2018 In Review

Volatility showed up with a force throughout 2018 resulting in a wide-ranging┬ámarket that looked distinctly opposite of 2017’s action. Ending the year near lows for the year left many investors feeling ready to turn the calendar.

January Effect

As the calendar turned, the new year and new mentality had its typical effect on the markets. Investors found a reason to be buyers once again and a healthy bounced has transpired for much of the last two weeks.

Bear Market Over?

Many of the commentaries regarding this market are breathing a big sigh of relief. With the rally picking up steam it seems like all the trouble might be behind us. However, we look deeper this week and dissect whether this is more a mental change than anything else. Further, we look at what the trend is right now.

What To Do Now

Before we wrap this week’s episode we consider investors across the investment life stage┬áto see what might be important for each at this juncture in the market.