On this week’s shortened episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel take a look at the recent developments in trade agreements and what the market’s reaction has been.

Mexico Deals

Mexico worked with the US to come to some agreeable terms on trade early in the week. The news got markets moving higher as concerns of the worst case scenario on North American trade deals subsided. While the news wasn’t necessarily all good for industrial and automotive industries these names quickly rallied on the news before giving up the gains later in the week as the buzz wore off.

Canada Stalls

While Mexico showed a willingness to work with Trump’s administration on a deal, our neighbors to the north seemed reluctant to offer a handshake on any terms being discussed. As the Friday deadline approached for an agreement to be made all indications pointed to no progress on the northern front.

Financials Back in Play?

After an underwhelming year for financial stocks, the recent market rally seems to have brought the sector back to life! Find out what’s happening in this key sector and why it might matter for your portfolio.