On this week’s Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel dive into the continuing headlines on the US/China trade war to discuss whether these tariffs are everything the headline make them out to be.

Tariff Tracker

The trade war was in the news again this week as the White House announced $200B in tariffs on Chinese imports to the US. The back and forth in this trade war has become so regular that it’s actually becoming difficult to track what tariffs we already knew about and which ones are actually new news. Daniel is keeping an eye on the Tariff Tracker¬†for clues while Quint breaks down why the headlines make be making too much about the potential impacts of the recent updates.

Buying the China Dip

Quint and Daniel break down a recent investment in the Chinese large-cap ETF (FXI) which might seem against the grain with the recent turbulent headlines. However, Quint looks at both the technical and fundamental reasons why Joule has decided to wade into this particular area of the investment world.

Medicare Open Enrollment

Taking a break from the headlines, Quint and Daniel talk with Kim Milner about the upcoming Medicare enrollment period about what enrollees need to know during this season.

Is Your Risk Right?

When it comes to your financial plan, success often comes down to managing risks. Quint and Daniel preview a new technology that Joule is implementing in the coming months which will help investors get a more complete view of the risk level in their portfolio. After all, lining up your risk requirement with your risk temperament is critical to the success of your financial plan.