On this week’s episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel welcome Kelly Karls, Lexington Kentucky’s “Queen of Real Estate.”


Before getting into real estate, Quint and Daniel review the headlines from this week’s Federal Reserve FOMC meeting at which the Fed left rates unchanged with a hint that cuts may come. The market clearly supported the Fed’s views, rallying after the meeting and continuing the rally into Thursday. What might be more notable though was the movement in gold which hinted that investors may believe the Fed doesn’t have inflation under control.

Hot Housing

It’s been another great start to the year for housing according to the Lexington’s “Queen of Real Estate,” Kelly Karls. While we are starting to see more price cuts than we had last spring it seems to be due more in part to hopeful pricing on sellers front rather than an actual dip in prices. Furthermore, the recent pullback in interest rates, with some 30-year mortgages now under 4%, is certainly getting buyers interested.