Think modern farming is all riding tractors and raking up dirt? Quint and Daniel interview local soybean farmer Quint Pottinger of Affinity Farms to dig into what today’s farm life is really about.

Not Granddad’s Farm Life

You might have a picture of what a farmer does today; wake up early, ride a tractor, leave the field as the sun sets. However, you might be surprised to hear from Quint Pottinger of Affinity Farms that the stereotypical farm life is far from reality. Listen in to how he must keep abreast of financial news, geopolitics, and what’s important to his overseas buyers all while still keeping in touch with what’s going on in his fields.

Farmville Meets Wall Street

Commodities reveal a lot about what’s going on in financial markets. Quint walks through some of the intricacies of how the prices of these commodities are heavily influenced by what’s going on in trade deals between the United States and China. The ramification of how this deal plays out could have significant impacts on today’s farmers.