On this week’s episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel discuss what you need to know about financial planning to best reach your goals in your financial journey.


The news this week was all politics. With Tuesday’s election in the rear view, financial markets breathed a sigh of relief and traded higher on Wednesday. Quint breaks down what this might mean for markets going forward and what he’s watching as this move plays out.

What’s A Financial Plan?

One of the key elements that keep people from creating a financial plan to help them achieve their financial goals is not really understanding what a financial plan is. There are multitudes of misconceptions about what the financial planning process is and how the planner works with clients to help them succeed. We break down a few of these misconceptions to remove any doubt why it’s time to get your plan together and set out on the journey towards reaching your goals.

Risk Tolerance vs Risk Temperament

Once you’ve set a roadmap for your financial journey it becomes critical to understand the difference between the risk your portfolio can tolerate and the risk your personality temperament can stomach. While these sound similar they are distinctly different measures that work in tandem to create your target portfolio risk. During the financial planning journey, we explore with clients both of these risk aspects and create a plan for investment portfolios that will allow the plan to succeed and the client to sleep at night.

Getting Started

The most difficult step in developing a financial plan is getting started. While this first step takes the most effort it creates the momentum your financial life needs to meet your goals. If you don’t have a plan in place it may be time to ask yourself “why?”

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