On this episode of Tape Talk, we’re talking the Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System pension changes, the rotation happening in the market, whether or not the next great crash is imminent, and why you might not want to ride the market’s every up and down the same.

KTRS Changes Are Coming

Governor Matt Bevin released a bullet point proposal of changes to shore up Kentucky’s struggling pension system. We take a look at the teachers’ pension specifically and analyze some of the key changes that might happen there. Are all the changes bad? Not necessarily. Take a listen to find out why some teachers will be no worse off. And, for an in-depth review of the changes and their impact on retirees check out our latest pension update HERE.

Market Rotation

The stock market is made up of numerous sectors and thousands of stocks. This means what you see happening on the surface may not be a full picture of what’s happening underneath. While the waters have been calm across the indices of late there have been some key movements across sectors and individual names. Find out what this might mean as investors look to whether the market rally will continue through the holiday season.

Pullbacks versus Crashes

Many investors are starting to get skeptical of the US stock market which has rallied significantly since the 2016 election. It seems as if every week the newspapers and tv stations are announcing a new market high has been reached. However, the question in the back of many investors heads is whether it can keep going. After all, markets don’t simply rally forever. If that’s the case, should investors be preparing for a 1987 or 1929 style market crash here? Is a pullback from these levels an opportunity or a warning? We talk through some of the difference between pullbacks and crashes as well as what that means for individual investors.