On this week’s episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel review this week’s selloff in equity markets and what that might mean for investors.

Week in Review

Over the course of the trading week, stocks cascaded lower about 15% on increasing fears of the spreading coronavirus outbreak. With headlines coming out each day about new cases in new countries it became increasingly difficult for large investors to price in the short and long term affects of this outbreak.

How a Virus Affects Stocks

While the coronavirus is certainly a serious disease that is quickly coming into focus of many around the world it may not simply be the virus that stocks are reacting to. In fact, Quint and Daniel discuss how much of this week’s move is the result of the impact of attempts to control and contain the virus on the worldwide economy. With entire cities in China shutdown and the global supply chain disrupted it has become difficult to assess how any individual company is going to be impacted.

What Next?

No one is certain at what prices the current stock selloff will find stability but there are a few logical next possibilities on the horizon. Quint and Daniel discuss how supply chain changes and Fed rate cuts may come into focus in the coming weeks.