On this week’s shortened episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel review where the market ended the month of October¬†and what it means as investors look ahead.

October Roller Coaster

As investors leave the month of October in their rearview it holds up to its mythical reputation as a month of volatile events. Investors saw the month start with many of the indices at or near highs only to see markets go nearly flat by month-end. After coming close to testing lows for the year many investors, no doubt, are curious about what the remainder of the year has in store.

Financials In Focus

While stocks started November with a bit of a reprieve, the October damage has been done in a variety of sectors. Financials are what we’re looking at here in the coming weeks. The sector was especially weak in the latest downturn and that can be a bit concerning when one considers the pivotal role financial companies play in our overall domestic economy.

Cash In Vogue

As we allow markets to digest the latest move and tip their hand to the next leg of the journey cash is an appealing place for a piece of our portfolios here. We’ll walk through why this makes sense for us and our portfolios even while the downturn seems to have paused for the moment.

Measuring Risk

For a long time, we’ve calculated risk requirement when working with clients on their financial plans and assessed their risk temperament through conversation and fact-finding. Now, though, we’re excited to introduce a new technology to our planning services that will help clients quantify the risk most suitable for their temperament as well as update it as need. If you are interested in getting started with finding your risk number and whether your portfolio is correctly allocated for it click below to get started.