Most would assume my passion is finance, stocks or maybe even money. In reality, I would classify what I love to do is discover greatness. As a child I dug for buried treasure in the back yard, was infatuated with the Goonies and searched far and wide for unique baseball cards that I could parlay into vast riches. Well, vast riches for a 10 year old. As I grew I learned that my detective work and passion for forensics was best suited for the investment world where I could dig in and find unique opportunities that rewarded hard work with real currency. In truth, I get as excited about discovering a new food, recipe, shop, movie or book as I do when I find our next great investment.

It is for this reason when I stumbled upon a relatively unknown author who happened to be the most exceptional historical fiction writers I’ve ever read, I had to bring him in for a chat and share his goodness with the world!

This week’s radio show features Kentucky local, Robert Monahan who has spent the last several decades evolving from a love struck poet to the creator of the Kentucky Chronicles.

In full disclosure, Robert became a client a while back and during our very first meeting, relayed his passion for writing.  Working with many folks over the years, it is not uncommon to learn of unique hobbies and passions my clients have. Often, these passions for artwork, crafts, or sculpting are simply for fun and not quite at the level of commercial enterprise. Upon learning that I am a ferocious reader, Robert sent me a copy of Thoroughbred Conspiracy which, sadly, I may have taken a few months to get to. I’m embarrassed to admit that when I finally picked it up, I figured it would be one that I had to struggle through and forcefully finish. Oh my, was I wrong. I pushed through book 1 that very evening and ordered 2 and 3 immediately the next day. I’m excited to now be starting book 4, Coal Dust.

If you like to read, and enjoy the occasional fiction thriller, these books are for you and you’ll love this in-depth interview with the man behind Tucker Flannery and Dr. Gardot. Check out the podcast and then do yourself a favor and get all the books HERE.