On this week’s episode of Tape Talk, Quint reviews what’s been happening in the market recently and what may lay ahead.

Market Anomalies

Often times the time to invest in particular companies or sectors is during a time when the waters appear choppy on the surface. Quint looks at Fastenal as an example of this particular strategy while considering whether Capital One Financial may be next on the list.

Opportunity in a Breach?

Capital One Financial dropped on news that it is navigating a data breach but is it possible that the market is overreacting? Quint continues his discussion on finding value in adverse times by reviewing the company for potential opportunity.

Fed Flip Flop

The Fed appears to be struggling with how to communicate clearly its intentions to investors. During his most recent press conference after the July FOMC rate decision, the future forecast became murky and the stock market sold off in response.

Know Thy Risk

With markets entering a more turbulent period than they’ve been over the past couple months it is again important to understand your risk tolerance and temperament. The time to consider, review, and change your risk level is in the quiet times of the market, not when emotions are running high.