On this week’s episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel review the recent volatility around Mexico Tariffs and speculations surrounding the Federal Reserve’s next moves.

The Mexico Front

Tariffs and trade wars have still been in the news as of late but the battlefield may have shifted. Recently the President announced increasing tariffs on goods from Mexico in an effort to ward off illegal immigration by persuading the country into complying with requests to take a more active role in deterring the flow of people across the border.

A Battle On Many Fronts

The news about Mexico isn’t just about the potential tariffs but the reality that tariffs may be the bargaining chip with other countries beyond China moving forward. As the message soaks in that the trade war has moved beyond just a spat between the US and China, companies and investors alike must consider the ramifications for any products and materials brought in from overseas.

The Copper Tell

While the economic outlook is not currently bleak it’s important for investors to watch for changes. Quint gives investors a look at what he’s watching here to keeps tabs on the evolving economic outlook to take action with early signs of changes ahead.