On this week’s shortened episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel take a look at the recent stock rally through the lens of the past couple months of volatility.

Consolidation Is The Theme

Stocks as a whole are now up significantly for the year, yet they are only back to the levels they started as this past December, prior to the pre-holiday decline. This means two things. First, stocks have entered a very logical area of technical consolidation where gains may slow and buyers and sellers may battle each other for the next trend. Second, the short term moves have been sharp in both directions and some digestion of these moves would be healthy if investors hope for a longer term trend higher from here.

Dividends In Play

Daniel takes a little time to discuss what the dividend growth strategy has been looking at throughout this volatile market to provide growing income for dividend-focusedĀ investors. Then, Quint considers how dividends may be a significant piece of investor returns in the near future if this market decides to go sideways for years rather than months.