On this week’s episode of Tape Talk we go to the mailbag and discuss some of the questions we’ve been receiving lately from listeners, clients, and people out and about. We cover everything from retirement savings to annuities in this one!

What’s the Story On Tesla?

Elon Musk is a charismatic, and often entertaining, entrepreneur who seems to never be far from the business headlines. Among the companies he spearheads is Tesla, the electric car manufacturer attempting to put the likes of Ford and General Motors out of business. Given the hype around these electric vehicles, is Tesla a place to park some speculative funds for the long-term?

Should I Max-out My 401k? Or, Should I Use A Roth?

Deciding between retirement tools isn’t always easy, in this scenario we consider a listener who wants to know if they should max their 401k or use a personal account first. When it comes to the question of tax paid now or later it’s more a bet on future tax rates than anything else. We’ll consider who might want to pay the tax later and who might be better served to pay it now.

Should I Utilize My No-match 401k?

Continuing on talking about 401k plans we consider a no-match plan. Use it or not? We’ll talk through the difference in investments options, accessibility, and a bit of estate planning considerations. While an employer plan and an individual retirement account may look similar there are a few key differences for investors to consider.

Yield Versus Yield to Maturity (YTM).

We’re often asked by people when talking about fixed income investments why there’s often a difference, sometimes a very large one, between what a bond is supposed to yield and what it lists as its yield to maturity. We’ll discuss how demand, interest rates, and market movements affect bonds and change the realized yield you’ll obtain if you buy those bonds after they’ve been issued.

Why Gold to Battle Inflation?

We’ve been talking about gold a few times on the show lately as we consider the potential for inflation to come down the pipe. You guys are listening! We’ve had more than a few questions in follow-up about why now is the time for gold if it hasn’t worked in recent years. Find out why we’re looking at this asset class now and our plan for it going forward.

Annuities! Can I Really Get 7%?!?

Quint rounds out the show talking about one of our least favorite investments in today’s low interest-rate environment. On the surface, annuities often look like the perfect solution for what ails the risk-averse investor. However, we’ll discuss some of the potential pitfalls and misunderstandings of this often overly complex asset class.