On this episode of Tape Talk Radio we take some questions from our listeners:

Fixed Income

As you get older the experts tell you to move more and more into bonds. However with bond returns being so low and bond prices so high and the expectation that interest rates are going to be going higher where should that allocation of money be placed? Something like VCSH short term corporate bonds for example?

In the past you have mentioned the Guggenheim “Bullet Shares” as a possibility for a portion of one’s fixed income allocation. Another podcaster mentions his preference for TOTL.


How does an IRA withdraw work? What kind of things do I need to consider?

Knowing What To Invest In

On a recent program you stressed knowing details about the companies you invest in. I wholeheartedly agree. However, where do you get reliable information? You can’t trust what the executives say. You can’t trust the directors (who supposedly protect investor’s interests but, in fact, are more aligned with the executives). Financials are often manipulated. Analysts are almost always on the buy side. Case in point – Ford. Recently they reported very good earnings but faced many questions about the declining share price. Director Bill Ford commented they were concerned about the performance but the board fully supported CEO Mark Field. The next week he was fired. Is that what full support means? This is just one example I have witnessed of misleading info. I am interested in your response of what to believe in.

How To Get Into The Market

I’ve been invested defensively (mostly bonds and cash), is it time to start adding more stocks?