In this week’s episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel discuss why the recent headlines don’t seem to interest markets and how disruption becomes an investable theme.


The impeachment progress this week in the US House of Representatives pretty much made the stock market yawn. What might seem on the surface like it should be market-moving news is simply a non-event at this point. Both sides of the aisle have already put their cards on the table for how they intend to handle the situation going forward. This means unless something significant changes or is revealed in the upcoming proceedings the market will likely continue to ignore the big headlines on the impeachment news.

End of Year Tax Moves

With the holiday season quickly approaching it’s time to consider what your tax picture may be shaping up to look like for 2019. In fact, you still have time to make some important moves to save some money when filing next April. A few things worth considering are your required minimum distributions, charitable contributions, and any retirement contributions still to make. A little planning in the next week or two can literally pay-off for you when it comes to this years taxes.

Disruptive Forces

While impeachment may not be a market-disrupting event there are still individual companies that are disrupting or being disrupted in this era of business. Investors may do well to keep a keen eye on any of their individual holdings to ascertain which side of that coin the companies they’re invested in happen to lay. Take for instance FedEx and Amazon. With Amazon moving away from utilizing FedEx for its shipping needs the global shipping giant’s stock price has struggled.