In this week’s episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel review some of the recent headlines as well as what investors might need to consider into the end of the year.


The markets yawned at Nancy Pelosi’s news conference announcing articles of impeachment. Quint and Daniel discuss how most of the impeachment news now has become political posturing more than it is market moving. Most investors have an idea of how the events should transpire from here and unless there are any surprises the market may just ignore developments from here.

China Trade

Investors are forced to continue wrestling with President Trump’s opaque remarks surrounding his intentions and desires for a trade deal in the near future. After recent comments from the President that a deal might not need to be completed until after 2020 elections markets through a temper tantrum in response to the lack of clarity.

End of Year Planning

News aside, there are still things investors can do to make the most of 2019 before the year concludes. Quint and Daniel discuss a few of these items that investors might want to consider before the calendar turns.