Covered in this episode of Tape Talk Radio:

North Korea threatens aggression and the stock market blinks.

After President Donald Trump threatens aggression for North Korea’s bullying tactics the market quickly sunk. What should investors make of the news? Is it time to fear a new bear market?


How to allocate your investments in every life stage.

Not everyone should be allocated the same way. Investment allocation is time dependent since most people will need to use their investments at some point in time. Are you allocated correctly for where you are on your investment journey?


How a financial plan affects your allocation.

So how do you figure out how you should be allocated? Frankly, if you’ve not done a financial plan you may just be guessing. Consider how critical it is to have a plan before and during your investment journey.


Lining up your required rate of return and your temperament.

Just because the numbers say you should be allocated a certain way doesn’t mean you can stomach that. Not everyone is cut out for every allocation level in investing. A good advisor should help you align your suggested allocation and a level of risk that still allows you to sleep at night.


Are you as diversified as you think?

Have you considered that many mutual funds and ETFs own many of the same major stocks? This means you might not be as diversified as you think. Even after buying different funds or investments you may be heavily concentrated in a few stocks. Find out how to figure out if you really are diversified.