On this week’s episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel examine the quiet week so far in the market and ask, “where is the smart money flowing to right now?”

What the Money

While people may have all types of opinions about what happens next in the financial markets, their real vote is made with their money. For this reason, it can be important for investors to pay less attention to headlines and more to where the money is actually flowing around in the financial world. Recently, a look from this perspective reveals that semiconductor stocks have been under pressure and may become the unfortunate casualty if trade tensions between the US and China persist for some time.

Interest Rate Uncertainty

Over the past month interest rate futures, tied to the same short-term rates set by the Federal Reserve, have swiftly begun indicating a rate cut is on the immediate horizon. The chances priced in by the market are getting closer to certain for a cut by the July meeting of the FOMC. Quint and Daniel review these probabilities given the context of an otherwise fairly healthy economic background.

What Can You Stomach

When investing for your financial plan and retirement goals it’s not all about maximizing your gains. In fact, one of the more important factors for investors may be their risk temperament. This is the risk level at which they can sleep at night even while the markets are volatile. Understanding what this level is for them may be a key component of investor success as inevitable volatility perks up from time to time.