On this week’s Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel discuss the recent moves in financial markets and assess whether it’s the bulls or bears in control now.

What Happening In The Markets?

The month of October has seen its fair share of volatility across financial markets. While stocks moved steadily higher through the end of September it was only a few days into the new month that things abruptly┬áchanged sending stocks cascading lower led. in large part, by the higher momentum names that had marched the market higher. Quint explains a few of the key levels he’s watching here for signs of where the bulls might come back into the market and provide support for this recent decline.

What To Do Here?

There’s no blanket answer for what everyone should be doing with their investments at any one time. In fact, your personal financial plans and goals should dictate what steps you take next rather than any headlines. However, as a rule of thumb, there may be a few points investors should keep in mind. Daniel walks through what you might want to consider when approaching the investing markets depending on what stage of life you’re currently in and how far of your investing goals are.

Correction or Crash?

Before wrapping up this week’s show we discuss the character of the recent moves in stocks and what separates a healthy market correction from a “crash.” Quint examines why just because he foresees┬ásome weakness ahead it doesn’t mean it’s time for outright panic.

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