On this week’s episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel review the recent action in the stock market to assess whether or not December’s decline may have come to an end. Then, look forward to what might be in store for 2019.

Bull or Bear

To start off we examine the recent multi-week rally in US stocks. Is the strength we’re seeing in stock markets of late an all-clear signal for investors? Or, is this simply just a case of another bear market taking a breath before continuing its trend?


Regardless of where the market goes from here, one of the themes both Quint and Daniel agree will stick around into 2019 is the volatility we’ve been seeing in the markets lately. Between headline risks, trade risks, and interest rate risks, there are plenty of variables for investors and traders to consider as they position their portfolios. This multi-dimensional headwind may mean the sharp moves we saw in 2018 are here to stay.

Earnings In Focus

In recent history, investors were quick to assume that growth in earning was worth any cost. Quint breaks down this recent trend in how investors have valued companies and viewed their earnings to examine how earnings may be a focal point of the markets in 2019.

Diversification Matters

While index investing has been a hot topic for years. It’s possible that investors would do well to consider how market and asset class diversification may help their portfolios in the future. While many have resolved that a simple buy and hold single index approach works best, there may be opportunities in the times ahead for other assets and markets to shine as well.