In this week’s episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel discuss the complacent mentality taking hold of investors as the market ticks higher.


The impeachment process progressed and Phase one of the US/China Trade war was resolved this week but markets mostly gave both of these events very little fanfare.

Risk Management

As markets continue to drift higher and most asset classes finished 2019 with gains the overarching theme of 2019 may simply be “risk management.” While everyone would love to make as much as possible on their investment portfolios, managing risk can be key to both sleeping at night and ensuring you achieve the goals intended for your portfolio.

Risk, Returns, and Temperament

In this season of bullish markets, we are more focused than ever with aligning clients’ risk tolerance, risk temperament, and their required rate of return. Understanding how these three interact are critical to the success of any financial plan and will serve well when markets hit rough waters sometime in the future.