In this week’s episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel review what’s going on with the trade wars which have slipped out of recent headlines.

Quiet Headlines

While the headlines have been somewhat quiet this week that doesn’t mean there is nothing going on in the market. We’ve seen earnings from some big bellwether which investors will use to assess the fallout from the recent trade wars and any potential economic slowdown.

In The Trenches

Quint and Daniel talk to Quint Pottinger of Affinity Farms to discuss how the trade war, as well as China’s purchase of agricultural goods, is playing out in the trenches. You might be surprised to hear that the headlines are not all smoke and mirrors as farmers are actually seeing increased prices with China returning to US markets for products.

Earnings In Focus

Quint discusses three key companies that he’s watching here for an indication of the health of the economy going forward. Unlike the popular FAANG stocks which encompass a technology-heavy lean these three stocks represent areas of the market that may give helpful clues about the broader economy overall.