On this week’s episode of Tape Talk, Quint and Daniel take a look back at the 2018¬†themes talked about on the show last January. Did any of these come to fruition during the year or did they simply go up in smoke?

Rotation Continues

This theme was clearly present throughout the year and money shifted around to forgotten sectors throughout the year.

Infrastructure Builds

This prediction was spot on, until it wasn’t! Unfortunately, after broadcasting the heavy build up in infrastructure in the first part of the year, the remaining year was plagued by headlines of trade wars which seemed to only hinder the industrials names we thought would do well here.

Inflation Grows

This one gets a “meh?” Inflation did tick up through the first half of 2018 before leveling off and declining into the year-end. It seems the Fed’s rate hike path is keeping this variable in line for the time being.

Interest Rates Higher

The Fed raised interest rates throughout the year as predicted for 2018 and the ripple effect was higher yields across debt markets overall. This was a major theme throughout the year.

Volatility Shows Up

We might have been a little overly correct on this one. Coming off a complacent 2017 we looked for volatility to pick up in 2018 and it sure did! With a more than 21% range in the S&P 500 index for the year, volatility became the major theme of 2018.