Comprehensive Planning


Starting with an End in Mind

What is the rate of return you need to achieve so that you will not run out of money?

It’s a simple question. It may be the most important question. But most can’t answer it. It is only after you determine the rate of return needed that you can even begin to structure an investment portfolio.

At Joule Financial, we work tirelessly from the very beginning of our relationship so that we can develop a comprehensive financial plan designed to help meet your goals.

Step 1 – LIFE Plan Questionnaire

Our process begins by completing our LIFE plan questionnaire. This confidential, fact-finding document helps us to analyze your current balance sheet, liquidity position, cash flow needs, future tax liabilities and retirement income needs. Once completed, we use this data to complete a drafted multi-page, hard cover, plan that becomes the starting point for future financial and retirement goals.

Download our LIFE questionnaire here to get started.

Step 2
Plan Presentation

We take the plan presentation seriously. We show you precisely how your financial plan looks and what it says in plain English. Our primary objective is to evaluate the goals and timing, providing suggestions along the way. It is also through this process that we discover your Required Rate of Return (RROR) It is with this RROR which helps us to determine appropriate investment allocations. If however this RROR does not align with your temperament or risk profile, we must revisit the initial goals and objectives making adjustments as necessary.

Step 3
Recommendations & Implementation

Does our plan correspond with your initial goals? Often we find that an individual’s life goals do not correlate with their current investment allocation, savings rate or overall balance sheet. These can be tough conversations. But we want to show you the unbiased truth. It is our goal to make appropriate recommendations to help you achieve your goals and not leave your financial future to chance.

Step 4
Ongoing Plan Revision

A true financial plan is not stagnant but rather a living breathing document, adjusted and adapted when your life changes. We revise financial plans on an as-needed basis. Typically, prior to retirement these plans can be updated every two years. We reevaluate a few months before retirement and then immediately after. Upon retirement, we review your financial plan on an annual basis, or more frequent if needed, to ensure you’re comfortable with all the current objectives and strategies.

Financial markets will ebb and flow but it is important to always return to the long term financial plan for peace of mind.

Step 5
Communication & Education

Our best client is informed about their goals and strategies to achieve them. They’re engaged with the planning process and understand how life changes or major financial decisions may impact their longer term financial planning or retirement planning goals.

We reach out to our clients, at minimum, each quarter to simply touch base and see how you are doing. We combine this with periodic newsletters and client correspondence to keep you informed about your portfolio’s development and economic trends at-large.