In October 2017 Tatro Capital became Joule Financial. Below are a few answers to the most common questions we’ve had about the name and brand change:

Why change the name from Tatro Capital?

To understand this, it makes sense to go back and revisit why we became Tatro Capital in the first place. It was around 2003 and Quint was establishing his own firm, breaking off from all brokerage firms, to become an independent fee-only, fiduciary investment advisor. He’d love to say that he spent countless hours coming up with a name after interviewing focus groups and marketing companies. However, in reality, he was simply completing his very first LLC filing and needed a name. Pressed for time and not able to leave that line blank, Tatro Capital was formed.
Over the years, the firm has evolved.  It now manages in excess of $100MM, and our services are truly focused on wealth management and financial advising in addition to capital management. Recently it became clear that we needed a more comprehensive name to encompass more of what we did. ‘Capital’ is simply far too narrow and is not an adequate term to describe our client offerings.

But why Joule Financial?

Unlike 14 years ago when the firm started with the need to fill in the blank on a form, the name Joule Financial was selected from an initial list of options that were generated from an in-depth exploration of our clients’ needs and our business model. One of the critical attributes that everyone acknowledged, when assessing the proposed names, was our firm’s unique energy and its ability to combine intelligence with a diligent work ethic.  Using joule, a unit and measure of energy, encapsulated well what it is we’re trying to achieve with our clients – always moving towards a predetermined goal or objective. We believe that the name Joule Financial reflected this very well.

Are you selling the firm? Is Quint retiring?

Ha! Not a chance. If you have ever had a conversation with Quint, you know he absolutely loves what he does and has a passion for financial markets that is rivaled only by his love of God and family. As a firm, we absolutely love helping folks achieve their financial goals. We look at organically growing and building our firm by hiring quality folks who share our vision, passion, and ideals to become a world-class firm. Find out more about our team HERE.

Odds and Ends

In conclusion, it’s important to know that Tatro Capital has come a long way. Starting with absolutely 0, the firm has grown substantially over the years and is now far bigger than just one person. As we look to build a firm that can last several generations and assist families for many decades, it is important to begin giving the firm an identity of its own. As we hire additional advisers, grow new operations staff, and recruit young talent, the change will allow each individual to bring his or her own special identity to a well-established firm with a unique and refreshing brand.
If there is any question you may have that was not addressed, please let us know!