Q – How do you get paid? 

A – For those seeking comprehensive wealth management and meeting our minimum asset requirement, the fee for planning may be incorporated within future fee-only investment advisory services. Our fee for investment management is a flat 1% of the assets under our care. 


Q – What is your minimum investment? 

A- Our minimum investment for comprehensive wealth management services is currently $500,000.


Q – Why do you have a minimum? 

A – On average we have calculated that each client we service costs our firm approximately $2,500 – $5,000 per year in man-hours, infrastructure, technology, reporting and ancillary fees. As business owners, it is important for us to have, at minimum, a break-even relationship and if possible, profitability. 


Q – What if we don’t have the minimum? 

A – Wealth Development clients, or those not meeting our minimum asset requirement, may choose to pay our one-time planning fee of $1,495. 




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