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We are independent, fee-only investment & financial advisers.
We work with clients to identify and quantify financial goals, while providing the energy required to achieve them.

A Fiduciary For You

Founded in 2001, Joule Financial exists to help clients identify and quantify their financial goals and objectives, while providing the energy and expertise necessary to meet those goals while measuring progress through a variety of metrics. As an early adopter of the fee-only fiduciary model, Joule Financial derives revenue through financial & retirement planning as well as investment management. Our revenue correlates with the success of our clients and it is always in our best interest to provide unbiased, objective guidance in order to navigate the financial markets.

Through our optional financial planning discovery process, Joule Financial seeks to help clients identify their ‘required rate of return’ and design a strategy best suited to provide the highest probability of success. As a full service, wealth management firm Joule Financial advisers often work as a full service wealth adviser for individuals, families, small business owners and young professionals.

Managing Director

Founder Quint Tatro is a third-generation financier from New York. In 2001, he left the family business, relocating to his alma mater state and sought to develop a fiduciary firm that seeks to offer unbiased guidance with the same financial aptitude as a major Wall Street institution. Quint is an adjunct professor of finance at the University of Kentucky and a frequent guest on CNBC. Quint also serves as board president of the Kentucky Haiti Partnership and lives outside of Lexington with his wife and three boys.









Quint Tatro

Managing Director

Daniel Czulno comes from a diverse background in both business and charitable business operations. He has a long-running passion for analyzing and understanding what makes businesses and individuals successful in their financial endeavors. A native of  Chicago, IL, he’s lived in Lexington, KY since joining Joule Financial in 2009. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Daniel works with clients through all stages of their financial life to assist them in achieving their goals.


Daniel Czulno, CFP®

Client Relations Manager

Linda Withers joined Joule Financial in 2012 as client relations manager.  Her previous experience as a social worker, business owner, and project manager combined with her passion for people, helps ensure that clients always feel engaged in Joule’s investment and planning process.

Linda Withers

Investment Advisor

Mark Hendrix began his financial services career in 1997 by helping small business owners with their financial planning needs. His career naturally evolved into asset management where he places a strong emphasis on value investing.  As an investment advisor, he utilizes Joule’s LIFE Plan as the centerpiece for client relationships. He also possesses a strong working knowledge of Social Security retirement benefits.









Mark Hendrix

Patience is Key

Patience is Key

Quint joins CNBC’s Trading Nation to discuss how the 5 largest S&P stocks are out performing the 50 smallest stocks and what this means going forward.



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