One Shoe Does NOT Fit All


Joule Financial is a fee-only registered investment adviser serving clients throughout the United States. We realize everyone is different, with unique needs and goals. Therefore, we bring a customized approach to every relationship with the intention of ensuring that we’re pursuing the appropriate course of action for the client. 

Founded in 2001, Joule Financial exists to help clients identify and quantify their financial goals and objectives, providing the energy and experience necessary to meet those goals while measuring progress through a variety of metrics. 

Embracing a fee-only fiduciary model, Joule Financial derives revenue through financial and retirement planning as well as investment management. Our revenue correlates with the success of our clients, and it is always in our best interest to provide unbiased, objective guidance in order to navigate the financial markets.


Our process begins with a discovery meeting, in person or via Zoom, where we spend at least an hour to get to know one another. We find it of critical importance to make sure there is a potential fit early on, and that our methodology aligns with an individuals’ goals and objectives. In short, we want to make sure we are a fit for you and that you may be a fit for us. 

During our one hour together, we work with you to determine the best path for the relationship. This may be pursuing our comprehensive planning process or simply making a few recommendations to assist you in your personal journey. Should you desire, or require, a comprehensive plan, we would then begin this customized process. 


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The comprehensive planning process is where the real work begins.  – Daniel Czulno, CFP

Fact Finding

The first step in this process is a bit of homework on the part of the client as we seek to gather all pertinent information regarding your current financial status, future financial goals, retirement objectives, life goals, etc. Using a comprehensive questionnaire, we seek to gain significant information to assist us in the plan development process.

Initial Plan Development / Client On-Boarding

With this information we begin to layout the initial workings of a comprehensive financial and retirement plan. Inevitably, this step requires additional information and clarification from the client while we continue to gather any and all information needed. Typically, during this step we begin transferring investment or retirement accounts that will come under our care.

Plan Completion / Recommendations / Action Steps

Once the initial plan has been completed our team meets and discusses you and you alone. Utilizing all information gathered and running multiple scenarios, taking into consideration such variables as inflation, health care expenses, market swings, social security, etc. we begin to develop an overall action plan including recommendations to meet or improve on goals and objectives.

Plan Presentation

In person or via Zoom we come back together to discuss the plan reviewing the work we’ve done and going through the detailed and descriptive steps to ensure success. During this step we review any and suggest changes that may impact budgeting, savings rates, retirement dates, social security withdraw dates, tax  and estate planning. We will also review investment allocations seeking to optimize all accounts such that they correlate with a clients objectives, risk tolerance and risk temperament.

Plan Implementation & Dynamic Updates

Once the presentation is complete we will seek to follow an action plan with detailed steps. The planning process never really ends so it will be important to discuss any changes required on an ongoing basis. Our comprehensive plans are dynamic in that they can be changed and updated at any time to reflect any life changes that may occur. As a client of ours we want to always remain confident we’re making wise decision based on objective models not emotional feelings.

Ongoing Communication / Client Relationship

There’s a reason we continue to grow and take market share from the behemoth brokerage firms, and it comes down to service. Sadly, many firms lose sight of their clients once they’ve begun working together. Maybe this has already happened to you. At Joule Financial, we believe one of our competitive advantages is our disciplined communication approach. On a quarterly basis, at least, one of our client relations team members will reach out to you to touch base and see how things are going. While we’re continually reviewing plans and watching investment accounts daily, it is still important for us to reach out and make sure you’re being taken care of at all times. Should a need arise that requires a chat with Quint, Daniel or another person on our team, this will be arranged promptly. In addition to our ongoing communication, we will frequently articulate our thoughts through e-mail communication.  These emails often reflect a transparent view of our methodologies, opinions or insights. Have you joined our email list yet? If not, you should consider this and can do so HERE. 


Annual Updates / Plan Revisions / Meetings

At least annually and more frequently if necessary, we will meet with you to review your financial and retirement plan, discuss any changes or updates as well as review investment portfolios and allocations. 

Since our fee structure is aligned with your success, it is imperative for us to ensure we are providing exceptional service and communication for a relationship that should last a lifetime. 


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