You might be a good fit for Joule Financial if you are:

Planning for or in Retirement

You are starting to think about retirement and want to determine an appropriate target retirement age

You are close to retirement and want to make sure you have examined all the proper financial data to ensure your income is secure through retirement such that you will not outlive your resources

You are in retirement and unsure or insecure about your income distribution methods.

A Working Professional

You are a professional starting to pursue financial investments and want to make sure you are considering your 401k, Roth IRA and taxable investments.

With more than 10 working years remaining, you are contemplating a financial and retirement plan and seek a second opinion to help formulate this strategic process.

You have recently left a job and are exploring your options for your previous company retirement plan.

A Small Business Owner

You are seeking an affordable retirement plan solution for your small business.